Forward Industrial Company (FIC) ...
. . . was established in 1988 with headquarters in Hong Kong. We are experienced and specialized in manufacturing miniature and super-miniature power relays. The Hong Kong headquarters and the joint venture partner Ningbo Forward Group work closely together to provide high quality relays to domestic and overseas markets. Among our production, 70% is exported to over fifty countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

FIC relays are UL, cUL, CSA and TUV approved. They are highly reliable and consistent. They are also available with high sensitive and heavy duty. Our quality products, sincere services, prompt lead time and attractive prices are unmatched.

FIC provides OEM and custom made relay services that are tailor-made to fit our customers' special and unique needs. We will produce quality relays using optimal production method.

Ningbo Production Plant ...
. . . was established in 1988 by Forward Industrial Company and Ningbo Forward Group in Ningbo, China. Equipped with advanced technology, equipment and manufacturing experience, we produce relays using qualified imported raw materials. Our current relay production is 100 million pieces annually. For over ten years, we have been keeping continuously the advanced position of exportation and foreign currency earning in China. We are among one of the largest special relay manufacturers.

In 1997, we became the first enterprise, among Chinese relay companies, obtaining ISO 9002 approval from the international authorized certification organization DNV. In 2000, we are QS 9000 approved by EPRE. Having implemented and continuously improved our environmental management system, we obtained ISO 14001 certificate issued by EPRE in 2005. Sixteen of our relays are with Chinese state patent. Our factory has been entitled as a High and New Technology Enterprise.

We are awarded continuously for 5 years as one of the China electronics Components Top Hundred Enterprises and "High-and-New Technology Enterprise".

In our production plant, we have over 2,000 employees. Among them we have 38 engineers, 40 quality officers and 80 technicians.
Quality Assurance System
Our quality assurance system is based on ISO 9002 and QS 9000 regulations. Our quality objectives, policies and commitment are defined and documented in the quality manual.

By training on all employees and slogans posted in the production plant, quality objectives and policies are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the company.

Testing Equipment

Major Production Equipment
Automotive assembly line imported from Japan : 1 set

Self-made automotive assembly lines : 40 sets

Machinery processing equipment : Full set

Heat Treatment equipment Full set

Metal and Plastic parts process machines : Full set

Pure air generator : Full set

Major Testing Instruments
(Our relay research institution perform relay development research and FMEA.)
Automotive testers : 1 set

Insulation resistance testers : 40 sets

Coil resistance testers : Full set

Contact resistance testers : Full set

Electrical Life testers : Full set

Pull-in voltage testers : Full set

Drop-out voltage testers
Magnet left ratio testers
Production Capacity

In year 2005, our forecast annual relay production is 120 million pieces. In the coming 3 to 5 years, our target is to achieve annual relay production to 200 million pieces. In the long term, we are looking forward to increase our relay production capacity and our sales volume to 1000 million pieces annually.

Our relays have various applications. The major applications are in the fields of automobiles, home appliances, telecommunication products and industries.

Major Applications of FIC relays

Automobiles 40%
Home appliances 30%
Telecommunication 20%
Industry 5%
Others 5%